Paper backdrop, grey

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Professional Prostuff grey paper backdrop

Grey backdrop is in a sense a classic product when it comes to studio equipment. Following white and black, grey colour is the last basic neutral colour. Its neutrality harmonizes with other colours without shifting focus from them. This means that a person or an object photographed with grey background behind will always look good.

We recommend Prostuff grey paper backdrop. The product stands out with its high quality and attention to detail. Take a note of material of right grammage, its perfectly smooth surface and compact size.

High-quality design

Prostuff grey backdrop is produced from elastic, high-grammage paperboard. This makes it resistant to mechanical damages, including the ones resulting from intensive use. The paperboard’s elastic structure makes it suitable for use in any studio.

Apart from that, Prostuff grey paper backdrop features smooth, mat surface that doesn’t produce light reflections or hot spots. Thanks to its neutral, grey colour, the paper backdrop can be effectively combined with other colours – from classic white or black to more lively colours.

Compact size

Prostuff grey paper backdrop is available in two sizes: 2.70 × 11 m and 1.35 × 11 m.  The available sizes are suitable for taking photos of small items, big objects, or the whole body.

Smooth attachment

Prostuff grey paper backdrop is easy and convenient to attach and detach. The product presented is rolled up on a rigid tube, so the material can be quickly rolled up or down. The application of a tube makes it easy to store and transport. The material rolled up on a tube is also less likely to suffer a mechanical damage, including tear-out or wrinkles. The backdrop can be easily attached to a special stand or placed on a floor.