Softbox flex Prostuff 60 x 90 cm


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Main characteristics

  • Dimensions: 60 × 90 cm
  • Double diffuser
  • diffuser plane pulled back by 4 cm
  • Bowens mount
  • metal rotary locking ring

Product short description

Prostuff rectangular softbox flex 60 x 90 cm provides  delicate and properly directed light. Every part of the photo is perfectly lighted with excellent reproduction of colours.

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Rectangular Softbox flex Prostuff 60 x 90 cm

Light modifiers, right after photo lamps, are another very important piece of equipment in a photo studio.        We’d like to recommend here rectangular 60 x 90 cm softbox flex from Prostuff. With this product you’ll be able to produce delicate and properly directed light during your photo sessions.

The presented softbox is provided with diffuser that not only distributes continuous light appropriately, but also softens and diffuses it. This means that all the photos taken in the studio are perfectly lighted with equal intensity, and the colours are beautifully reproduced. The offered product will prove useful during portrait, family, commercial sessions and many other ones.

Ergonomic design

Prostuff 60 x 90 cm softbox flex stands out with its ergonomic, solid and well-thought design.

The metal Bowens adapter included in the set provides reliable and stable support for almost any lamp available on the market (BOWENS,  Fighter; FOTOKING, STEINER, Vistar, Quadralite; POWERLUX, K-series lamps: CY200K, CY300K, CY400K, CY500K, CY600K). Another noteworthy element is also the metal ring that allows the user to set up the softbox at the right angle easily and quickly. This sollution will provide you with the best possible lighting effects in your studio. The adapter rotation range is 360°.

Comfortable use at its

The rectangular shape of 60 x 90 cm softbox flex results not only in proper direction of light, but, what’s equally important, in increased ease-of-use and comfort. Due to its small size the softbox will come handy even in small spaces.

Well-thought finish

As a renowned producer of photo studio accessories Prostuff is particularly committed to excellent fabrication of its products as well as their outstanding finish.  In 60 x 90 cm softbox flex the outer wall is mat black, while the inner one is finished with silver, slightly shiny embossed fabric. Thanks to this light is evenly spread even inside the softbox and it maintains the same intensity on the whole surface of the front diffuser.